New 'Live Refresher Units' - Overhead and Underground

To ensure ongoing competency in energised (live) low voltage work activities, Accredited Service Providers undertaking ‘Live’ level 1 LV linework and or ‘Live’ LV cable jointing activities in NSW are now required to undertake an annual assessment of their live working competencies to ensure their competencies are current.

Two new competency units have been introduced for Level 1 ASPs working on live low voltage apparatus, from 1 July 2024 authorised persons must hold relevant units of competency to maintain their authorisation to work on the live low voltage network on Electricity distributor networks in NSW.

IAC Safety Services is now opening enrolment opportunities in UETDRMP012 for Line workers and UETDRMP013 for Cable Jointers. Successful completion of these units units will enable authorisation to undertake Live Low Voltage Linework and Cable jointing activities in NSW.

  • Course Time: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Location: IAC Thornton Facility
  • Cost:  $1500 per person

A pre-requisite to applying for these unit competency assessments with IAC Safety Services will require YOUR workplace safe system of work for energised work practices ie.

  • Workplace procedures and requirements for working on energised electrical apparatus are identified and confirmed
  • Hazards are identified, risks assessed, and control measures identified and applied – Safe Work Method Statement

Unit of competency details: 

UETDRMP012 – Working on energised low voltage overhead electrical apparatus.

UETDRMP013 – Working on energised low voltage underground electrical apparatus. 

When a notification to work live is submitted to Essential Energy by the ASP the nominated persons must hold the relevant unit to be allowed access to the network. The Safety Observer / Competent Assistant must hold the same qualification and unit of competency appropriate for the work being performed. 

What do you need to do? 

  1. Register and enrol through the IAC website if you require the units of competence for overhead or underground energised work.
  2. Supply your workplace safe system of work for low voltage energised work practices.

Further Information

If you need further detailed information, please contact us at 1300 887 317.