Frequently Asked Questions

About IAC Safety Services

IAC Safety Services is a professional training organisation specialising in electrical safety training. We run several courses tailored for people working or aspiring to work in the NSW energy distribution network. This includes ASP Level 1 and ASP Level 2 Pathways training, ASP refresher training, and more.

Our training is intended for both existing workers in the energy distribution network seeking to update their skills and newcomers to the industry. We aim to provide relevant, up-to-date training to ensure everyone working in the network can do so safely.

Yes, we provide a variety of resources to assist with your learning. This includes training materials, handouts, and additional resources available online. Our team is also always available to answer your questions or clarify course content as needed.

You can contact us via:

We do try to get back to all inquiries quickly. However, if you need more urgent assistance, please call our office during regular business hours (Monday to Thursday | 7am – 5pm).

Registration & Certificates

You can sign up for our courses directly on the IAC Safety Services website or by contacting our office. We’ll help you with the registration process if you have any difficulty, but typically it involves filling out a form with your details and selecting the course you are interested in.

For more information, please check out our How to Enrol Guide.

Go to and login with your assigned IAC username (

If you are having issues logging in, please open an Incognito or InPrivate window then go to

Your student number is a 5 digit number and can be found on your past certificates, invoices or emails sent to you from IAC Safety Services.

If you’re an existing customer you can find your company number at the top of your last invoice from IAC Safety Services.

If cannot locate either number, please contact us on 1300 887 317 Option 1.

Yes! IAC will send you a reminder email a month before you are due for your training.

In most cases, within 48 hours after the completion of your course.

Please note, we will not release your certificate until full payment has been made.

This will differ depending on your qualifications, experience and industry. Please call our friendly staff on 1300 887 317 Option 1.

Our Courses

ASP Level 1 and Level 2 Pathways training are tailored for those seeking to work on or near the NSW energy distribution network. Level 1 training covers the fundamentals of electrical safety and basic procedures, while Level 2 training advances into more complex tasks. Both are crucial for anyone aiming to become an Accredited Service Provider (ASP).

Generally, you need to complete ASP refresher training annually. This ensures your knowledge stays current with industry standards and practices and in turn, will maintain your accreditation.

In addition to our ASP Pathways and refresher courses, we offer various other training options such as pole top rescue, crane and plant safety, and more. Please contact us directly or browse through our website to learn more about IAC Safety Services.

Prerequisites vary depending on the course. For example, our ASP Level 1 training requires no previous experience, while higher-level courses may require the completion of earlier training. Please refer to our individual course descriptions for specific prerequisites.

 Yes, our training courses are designed to meet the requirements set out by the NSW energy distribution network. They are widely recognised within the industry and allow you to gain employment with companies such as Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy.

This depends on the course:

  • Refresher courses will typically take a day.
  • Initial courses generally run for two days.
  • Cable Jointing and Level 2B/2C courses run for four days.

Please note, teaching hours at IAC Safety Services are between 7.30am and 3.30pm.

Our Venues

IAC Safety Services has three main venues:

  • Blacktown: Unit 1 / 39-41 Fourth Avenue, Blacktown NSW 2148
  • Thornton: Unit 8C / 13 Hartley Drive, Thornton NSW 2322
  • Port Macquarie: Unit 1/20 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

We also travel to regional NSW with our Mobile Rescue Training Unit (MRTU). Please visit Mobile Training to view dates or contact our friendly staff on 1300 887 317 Option 1.

Our education establishment closes for lunch between 12 noon and 12.30pm.

Yes. A fridge and microwave are available at our Blacktown, Thornton and Port Macquarie venues.

No. Tea and coffee facilities are provided. Other shops are close by and available if students wish to purchase their lunch.