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Privacy Statement

IAC Safety Services respects the privacy of those who use our products and services. Private sector provisions in the Privacy Act 1988 regulate the way private sector organisations collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information.

The private sector provisions aim to give people greater control over the way information about them is handled in the private sector by requiring organisations to comply with the 10 National Privacy Principles. Although exempt, IAC Safety Services has voluntarily opted to comply with the Privacy Act, 1988.

IAC Safety Services’ policy is to take reasonable steps to make individuals aware that it is collecting personnel information about them, the purpose for which it is collecting the information, and who, if anyone, we might pass the information on to.

Privacy information is collected by IAC Safety Services and used to enable compliance with Vocational Educational Training, Network Access Issues and Workplace Health and Safety compliance obligations in relation to the services we supply. In addition, we may use the information to remind you of licence expiration, upcoming events and marketing of products and services offered by IAC Safety Services.

Information is generally gathered in writing via forms however other mediums may be used. The information is committed to our Records Management system.

To assist in achieving the highest possible level of compliance with this policy statement Executive responsibility is vested in Felicity Manarin who is responsible for the design, establishment, implementation, maintenance and review of the overall privacy program in consultation with all relevant stakeholders. In addition, this manager shall be responsible for ensuring that all policies, procedures, practices, rules and the like are consistent with all other business functions.

Stakeholders shall be made aware of our commitment to Privacy and also be expected to comply with all policies, procedures, practices, rules and the like within their level of authority.

Should you have an issue with Privacy your contact is Felicity Manarin on 1300 887 317

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